O’Neill Wake The Line OWC Qualifiers

Final Results:
1st Aaron Rathy
2nd Oli Derome
3rd Adam Errington
4th Mattias Hoppe
5th Nikita Martianov
6th Benjamin Leclair

The qualifier event is part of the entire “O’Neill Wake The Line” concept of creating the best rail event in the world and spreading their net far and wide to attract and reward the most talented rail riders on the planet.

OWC O’Neill Wake The Line Qualifier is went down Saturday, March 11th. The riding level was insane, everybody killed it. Thanks to Orlando Watersports-Complex and crew for setting the bar higher and higher every year.

Congrats to Aaron Rathy, Oli Derome, and Adam Errington for winning a position in the starting line-up, and an all expenses paid trip, for the main event in Germany on May 24/25.

Check out the album on facebook. Video by Justin Worrall.