Red Bull Wake Open Videos

If you missed the Red Bull Wake Open live on NBC, you can catch all the highlights right here! For the full event write-up check out the full article, and find more news & photos at Congrats to all of the riders! System 2 is thrilled to be the pull of such an amazing event, that pushes the limits of wakeboarding in every direction, every year!

Overall Highlights

Overall Results:
1. Aaron Rathy
2. Raph Derome
3. JD Webb

Park Highlights

Park Results:
1. Raph Derome
2. Aaron Rathy
3. JD Webb

Big Air Highlights

Big Air Results:
1. Bob Soven
2. Aaron Rathy
3. Daniel Grant

Boat Highlights

Boat Results:
1. Raph Derome
2. Aaron Rathy
3. Rusty Malinoski

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