WST Stop #1 : Byerly Toe Jam

The 10th Annual Byerly Toe Jam, Stop 1 of The Wakeskate Tour, went down last weekend at The Projects in Orlando, FL. System 2.0 is proud to be providing the pull for The Wakeskate Tour this year, keeping the pull consistent and the turn around time quick. The set-ups and riding has hit all new levels, it is insane. Last year we started to see kickflips onto hubbas in finals of the last stop, this year guys were kickflipping on in quarterfinals, bringing the heat!

Pool Gap Podium
1st – Andrew Pastura
2nd – George Daniels
3rd – Daniel Grant

Boat Podium
1st – Andrew Fortenberry
2nd – George Daniels
3rd (tie) – James Balzer & Reed Hansen

Women’s Podium
1st – Zuzana Vrabalova
2nd – Jen GilanFarr
3rd – Cassandra Scott

Check out for more details and coverage, next stop Retention May 30th-June 1st! Keep your eye on Rockstar’s YouTube Channel, as they drop a new Episode every Thursday after The Wakeskate Tour.