Boarder Pass

Client: Ontario, Canada Date: April 15, 2013

Boarder Pass started as the first straight-line cable park in Ontario, Canada at Sarnia Bay Marina. The team at BP wanted to grow and expand the sport of wakeboarding in Ontario, in Canada and to the world. Thanks to the passion behind the team and the success of the first location, they have now grown to three locations: Sarnia, Niagara, and Hamilton.

2013 is promising to be one for the books. Sarnia is located two hours from Binbrook, and three hours from Port Colborne. Port is only an hour away from Binbrook, making it entirely possible to visit all three in one day. Our season pass program lets you use the pass at any of the Boarder Pass locations, so what are you waiting for? Jump on board and join an unforgettable experience with the Boarder Pass team.


Park Stats

Cable Systems: 3 System 2.0’s at 3 different locations in Ontario
Features: Full set of Park Features

Contact Info


Tim Nixon
519. 381. 7176

Chris Smith 

519. 328. 3070

Sarnia Boarder Pass


Sarnia Boarder Pass
97 Seaway Rd
Sarnia, Ontario
Sarnia Bay Marina

Niagara Boarder Pass
3 Marina Rd.
Port Colborne, Ontario
Sugarloaf Marina

Hamilton Boarder Pass
5050 Harrison Rd.
Binbrook, Ontario
Binbrook Conservation Area

Niagara Boarder Pass


Facebook:  /Boarder.Pass
Twitter: @BoarderPass
Google Plus: Boarder Pass

Hamilton Boarder Pass