Brownstone Park

Client: Portland, CT Date: April 10, 2013

Framed by the Connecticut River, the beauty of the 29 acre historic quarry offers more outdoor adventure than fits in a day, along with quiet corners for those looking to relax. Brownstone adventure is available to all ages, schools and corporate groups, offering individual, family and group team building activities. Clinics, lessons and rentals are available daily, making Brownstone perfect for beginner to experienced explorers, creating as much action as desired.

Through spring, summer and fall, Connecticut’s first and only adventure sports park now accommodates up to 1500 visitors daily. Whether relaxing waterside or cliff jumping from the skies above, the beautiful surroundings of the Connecticut Brownstone Quarry are quickly becoming the place to be.

Rock Climbing • 10 Zip Lines • 3 overhead Wakeboarding cable system• Cliff Jumping • Scuba Diving • Snorkeling • Kayaking • ‘Survivor-style’ Obstacle Courses • Giant Inflatable Water Toys including a Iceberg and Trampoline • Swimming • Lessons & Clinics

Park Stats

Cable Systems: 3 System 2.0′s
Features: Unit XL kicker, 3 foot wedge kicker, 50 foot rooftop rail

Contact Info

Phone: 866. 860. 0208
Address: 161 Brownstone Avenue. Portland, CT 06480


Facebook: /brownstonepark
Twitter: @brownstonepark