Client: Semora, NC Date: August 10, 2012 http://jibtopiawakepark.com/

Jibtopia is located in Semora, NC on a private lake with just the right shape and size for riding. Jibtopia will offer amazing riding with 3 different Systems 2’s set-up for all ages and skill levels! The crew at Jibtopia spent the last 2 years designing and buildling the best wake park they could possibly dream of. 2 start pools, and 16 features. Fun place to ride, good people, great vibes.

Park Stats

Cable Systems: 3 System 2.0’s
Features: Full set of park features! 2 start pools and 16 different features from beginner to pro.

Contact Info

Website: JibtopiaWakepark.com
Phone: 919. 801. 0083
Email: krich@jibtopiawakepark.com
Address: 15628 Hwy 119, Semora NC 27343


Facebook:  /Jibtopia-Wake-Park
Instagram: @Jibtopia