The Boarding School

Client: Orlando, FL Date: April 14, 2013

The Boarding School is a wakeboard camp located on 88 acres of private land which consists of three man-made lakes.  Two of the lakes are dedicated strictly for boat riding and the third lake is home to The Projects Wake Park.  They also have a cove with a Sesitec System 2.0, perfect for hitting rails, booting off kickers or learning your first Air Raley.  The lakes are completely private and highly protected by trees.  There is never another boat operating on the lakes and you are guaranteed incredible conditions no matter the weather.  The consistency of the conditions are truly unbelievable. The Club House is located at the end of lake one, so you are just foot steps away from the greatest wakeboarding playground ever created!

Park Stats

Cable Systems: 1 System 2.0 & 2 Boat Lakes

Contact Info

Phone: 407. 273. 5920
Address: 19454 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL


Facebook:  /The-Boarding-School
Twitter: @TBoardingSchool
Instagram: @theboardingschool
Google Plus: The Boarding School