What Wake Park

Client: Ontario, Canada Date: July 21, 2011 http://whatwakepark.com/

The name “What Wake Park” is new to Muskoka, however the company has deep roots and a rich history in the area, where water-sports have always captivated residents and visitors alike. Muskoka is home for many unforgettable memories and continue to be the birthplace of new ones. Whether it’s the first time up on a pair of water-skis or that first invert on your wakeboard (accidentally or intentional), it’s safe to say life doesn’t get much better than summer days spent in Muskoka.

What Wake Park is located at the famous Bush’s Sport’s Center just north of Bala and is setting the standard for water-sports experience in Muskoka. A cable park and a boat lake with lessons all in one convenient location hopefully gets you excited! Offering a unique experience to all ages and skill levels, we hope you will give us the opportunity to share our passion and experience for the sport.

Park Stats

Cable Systems: 1 System 2.0
Features: Always changing and never dull…

Contact Info

Website: whatwakepark.com
Phone: 705. 774. 2077
Email: info@whatwakepark.com
Address: 3385 Highway 169 Bala Ontario, Canada0


Facebook:  /whatwakepark
Twitter: @whatwakepark
Instagram: @whatwakepark