System 2.0

Hello and welcome to the home of all the System 2.0 Parks in North America. The System 2.0 was invented in 2006 by the German water sports engineering company Sesitec and rail building legend Pat Panakos from the USA. The linear / two tower cable system has revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding! It has allowed a new breed of wake parks to open all around the world. In its first 4 years almost 100 have opened.

This website is the home for all the System 2.0 Parks in North America. You can find information about each wake park and links to their individual websites. We will be keeping you fully updated with any new features that are being built, events, special offers and new parks opening. Our video and picture blogs will be constantly updated with footage from the parks and we will be covering all the System 2.0 events. Pre-event information will be found here and post event results and images too.


Why System 2.0

Beginners: It is the best way to learn to wakeboard, hands down. The System 2.0 can get any beginner up and riding within a matter of minutes. It is also the safest way to learn to wakeboard with accurate speed control and constant supervision. With the high pull, on-on-one instruction and perfect speed control by the operator, you cannot fail to get up!

Air Tricks: It is the best place to learn and practice air tricks! The carrier is supported by two vertically parallel cables, allowing for greater tension and a smooth pull. The riders rope length can be changed very quickly meaning you can use a short line to learn new air tricks. Unlike full size cables you can take advantage of the 180 degree turns and learn new tricks on the corner. There is almost an infinite amount of tricks to learn on a System 2.0. The best thing is that when you crash it picks you straight back up and within a few seconds you can try the trick again.

Features: Thanks to the continuous ride of the 2.0, you can hit the same feature every 20 seconds! This has unbeatable learning potential over boats, jet skis or full cable tows. And if you fall in, it picks you straight back up with no delay. It is quite simply the best tow for hitting features.


System 2.0 Wake Parks can look like floating skate parks, with a wide array of rails, ramps and other obstacles. The System 2.0 has allowed a new concept of wakeboard features to be developed, thanks to the two directions you can be towed in. Features never seen before in wakeboarding are now being developed and are transforming the sport.


Open a System 2.0 Wake Park

If you want to open a System 2.0 Wake Park you need to speak to the team at SesitecUSA who are the North American agent for all things Sesitec! Contact us at