The Debut Film : USA Premier

“It’s going to be the best park film of all time”
Kind of easy to understand why The Debut’s nine featured riders signed up when this was Andy Kolb’s and UNIT Parktech’s rather brazen pitch to each of them. Of course, with a rider line-up like this any athlete would have been a little more than keen to be part of the project. Then there’s Andy’s credentials. This is his first feature film but his knowledge and experience of the sport are more than clear among the wake community which is why he was able to push the riders harder than ever before. “Sometimes funny and sometimes I wanted to kill him” was the effect of Andy’s perfectionism on Felix and “trying, trying and trying again” was what made up most shoot days according to Davies. Persistence balanced with patience made it all possible as Tom describes it. “Not only did he wait on me countless times to attempt lots of tricks, but he pushed me to try some things that I had never even thought of before!”
The Debut will be on sale end of the month. Itunes release will follow in May. 
Visit the website for more premier dates across the globe:  #thedebutfilm