Three Weeks in Paradise @ Jibtopia

“A Utopian Wakeboard society, I feel that the only accurate way to describe Jibtopia. Set in Rural North Carolina, Three Weeks in Paradise follows the summer adventures of a temporally stagnant group of traveling gypsies. Originally, Oliver invited me to work on a video with him, but as it goes I made a lot of friends and discovered some of the incredible talent Jibtopia had to offer. What started as a one rider edit, evolved into a multi character short film. Niles, Mark, and Tyler really surprised me. I had never heard of any of them but was blown away by there style, and creativity. All of the riders worked really hard to contribute to the film. Just like Jibtopia, everyone gave a little, and got a whole lot in return. Special thanks to Clark, Alex, Casey, and Andy for the accommodations and making me feel at home. Big ups to all the riders for working hard, being open to feedback and helping me shape this film.”  –  Brett Ramker

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